About Kaima Cosmetics

Gemma Burdis

Posted on June 23 2018

About Kaima Cosmetics

Kaima cosmetics is a small indie brand, created by me Gemma Burdis. I'm a make up fanatic who's been very passionate about having my very own business, selling products created by myself that are all Cruelty - Free.

Iv'e always loved anything that just stands out from the crowd! Bold, unique and very sparkly. I truly believe in making others feel & look beautiful in anything they wear. I'm also the biggest animal lover you will know and wanted to create a brand that was both beautiful & Cruelty-Free. 

I'm absolutely crazy on pigmentation, anything you purchase from kaima will be super pigmented and a very unique. I also wanted to create a website that was affordable for everyone and at the same time very high quality. 


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