First ever blog post

Gemma Burdis

Posted on June 15 2018

First ever blog post

Hello everyone, 

This is my first ever blog post! I’ve heard it’s a great way to keep customers updated therefore I decided I’m going to try my best and keep a blog of all future events, product information, about us and anything else that’s gonna be helpful for you guys. 

At the moment we have some fabulous products on sale and it’s up to 40% off! Great bargains and perfect for festivals, party’s etc. 

currently our number 1 seller is our diamond glow palette, which is hand created using cruelty free ingredients and superior quality mica, for that stunning pigmentation. I wear my own products all of the time, as do my friends & family also... lucky them ey. 

I would absolutely love some feedback on our products, we already have many lovely reviews on both our website and Instagram but as a small indie brand, we really appreciate as many reviews as possible. Our customers come first, these are after all, the people that build your brand and have the power to expand it with word of mouth and recommendations. 

If anyone has any questions at all about us as a company, our products or anything else.. please feel free to email us, comment on our posts and we will get back to you, promise we don’t bite. 

Thank you all, best wishes


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