10+ Valentine’s Day Make up Looks

10+ Valentine’s Day Make up Looks

Gemma BurdisJan 25, '21

Sexy & Glam Valentine’s Day Looks

In need of some make up inspiration for valentine’s day? We have the most stunning valentine’s day make up looks from our Brand ambassadors, that will make anyone do a double take. 

Glam, sexy & sparkly! What’s not to love about this gorgeous look. Glitter eyeshadow flakes is a must for this level of sparkle, that’s what sam has used to give this look that extra special sparkle effect. 

Glitter Eyeshadow Flakes - Typhoon, prism & opulence

eye make up look

Casual but glam, I love these type of looks because you look gorgeous! With a strong sense of confidence in wearing what makes you comfortable & happy.

Diana used our duo chrome glitter eyeshadow pigments to complete this casual glam look, in shade - Fusion. These are very unique as they change different colours as you move into different angles of light. Stand out from the crowd with these stunning glitters.

Duochrome glitter eyeshadow 

I was seriously blown away when I set eyes on this look, I love all of these stunning make up looks but this one is something I would personally go for! I just love the dark red eyes & lips together, its very dramatic ( which I love ) with a sexy vibe.

This look obviously can't be complete without the duo chrome Dream blend eyeshadow palette & chameleon glitter flakes.

  1. Dream blend eyeshadow palette
  2. Chameleon eyeshadow flakes

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