Galaxy cream flakes - Holo yellow

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Galaxy cream flakes


Take your make up creations to a whole new level, with our Galaxy cream flakes! They give an instant glistening crushed diamond effect, that looks striking to the eyes. Their unique quality is each have their own array of prismatic tones, that gives a magical touch to any look.

Important- Keep this product sealed with the white sifter cap and lid when not in use. If not closed after use, the product can dry out and become unusable.

  • Holographic Silver/gold
  • 2.5 grams
  • Glass jar with sifter 
  • Comes in Rainbow holographic packaging box.

How to use 

Use on its own using either your finger or a flat brush, apply on the eyes using a sweeping motion, Add as much as you desire on the eyes for a super sparkly effect. Allow a few minutes for the product to dry and it won’t budge or smudge all night long. 

Remove using a water based cleansing wipe or remover pads.