Glistening Pigment Mix

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Kaima Cosmetics

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Glistening Pigment Mix 

A total Game changer for those that are scared or find it too difficult to use loose glitter/pigments & our eyeshadow flakes. Perfect for beginners! 

A super easy solution to your problems, simply use our new glistening pigment mix with any of our glitters & flakes to create a blinding glittery eye make up look... that paints on to the eyes, easy & effortlessly. No mess, no fuss! Dries Quickly & keeps put with no smudging. 

Warning  - Keep out of direct sunlight & high temperatures! You must store these in a cool dry place.

  • Smudge proof 
  • Use with any type of glitter, pigments & flakes. 
  • Has glistening effect, making your chosen glitter look even more light catching & super sparkly.
  • Vegan formula 

How to use 

Use the dropper in a small mixing bowl, use 2 drops as shown in our video, mix your chosen glitter/flakes, making sure all is mixed evenly... slowly paint onto the eyes using a small flat make up brush & build up desired amount.