About Us

Our story...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called gemma who loved raking in her mums make up bag every single day to see what sparkly goodies she could find! Her creative mind would often wander to one day having her very own unique, sparkly make up brand that she could create in her own image for the world to see & love.

She especially had a passion for Beauty/cosmetics and found it was something she really aligned with & made her soul happy. Always making sure to create the most unique, striking & cruelty free products.

Overtime Gemma tried lots of different career paths, from a retail assistant at primark to a cleaner at the local hospital, then finally an auxiliary nurse. She really enjoyed all of her previous job roles, each humbled her as she grew & learnt from her different experiences.

Gemma was always very creative & made lots of different things by hand, picture frames for families with their loved ones. Creating beautiful, unique keepsakes she really loved. It gave her purpose & she had finally found something she really loved.

Photo of gemma’s designs

At age 25 gemma gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, she named him kai, a now single mom she decided it was now more than ever she had to work extra hard to give kai the best possible life she could. He was the best thing to ever happen to her & the moment he was born was the beginning of a life changing journey.


Photos of kai & Gemma

That’s when gemma created her cosmetics brand - kaima cosmetics named after her son. Kai is now a huge part of the brand, he chooses the shades and helps create unique colour combinations, his favourite part is watching people review the products and loves watching all of the amazing make up artists wear his & his mums creations.

In Gemma’s own words

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our brand as much as possible, we are so exited to see what the future holds for kaima cosmetics, Already being reviewed & approved by a handful of the bigger influencers across the beauty community, is a beautiful & humbling experience!! We have received so much love and support from many amazing make up artists and i can’t thank them enough for helping such a smaller brand like us.

Supporting our indie brand means the world, you are receiving products made with love, helping a family achieve their dreams & creating a beautiful future together. We hope you love them just as much as us. We are continuously learning & improving every single day with the help of all of our supporters. We hope to inspire people with our story and want to remind everyone that you can do anything you put your mind to, if you have a dream go out & get it. The only person that is standing in your way is YOU Realise how powerful you are, never underestimate the power of your thoughts & understand that you can create your own life. The first step is to find your purpose, something you love & water it every single day.


Love & kind wishes

Gem & Kai x