About Us

Love, passion & Dedication

When i look back on my journey, at the very start of launching kaima cosmetics all i had in front of me was an idea, a love for sparkly makeup and a deep desire to make my son kai proud. As a single mom living on welfare, my dreams of being a successful, independent woman seemed a million miles away. I decided to name my brand after my son kai, i knew deep down that if i named it after my son, i would never want to give up.

I had always had a fascination with unique, sparkly cosmetics. My family always told me i was like a magpie as anything that sparkled immediately caught my eye. From a young age i would love nothing more than experimenting with makeup and trying different makeup techniques, this is what truly made me happy!

As time passed my passion for makeup grew stronger every day, i would often give my friends a make over, totally transforming their look which they absolutely loved. My favourite part of the make over was almost always the reveal! Nothing made me happier than seeing my friends happy, boosting their confidence and noticing the difference it had made upon their whole demeaner, now holding their head high and wanting to show their new look to the world. To me make up was magic for having the power to change someone's life by how it made them feel.

My biggest dream was to create my own beauty brand with unique eye catching make up products, introducing the beauty world to new, exiting, magical cosmetics to enjoy. 2018 Was the year my dream came true as i decided to open up my online store.

After Many years of working hard, we finally had our big break after one of our videos went viral on tiktok reaching millions of people, which also caught the attention of many celebrity influencers who wanted to try our products. This to me & kai was a dream come true! We never knew just how much our life was about to change over the course of the next few months.

Finally we started to get recognition, many influential make up artists shared our products on their platforms which grew our brand significantly. We now have many repeat customers often leaving 5* reviews which built our loyal customer base worldwide. We treasure our family of makeup artists that we work closely with, who help us showcase our products, many that have been with us since day one. We wouldn't be where we are today without them and for that i am always grateful.

Myself & kai were able to fulfil one of our biggest wishes and move into our first ever home. Somewhere of our own where we feel comfortable & safe which is the best feeling in the world. We couldn't ask for more than that, we are truly humbled and grateful for this every day.

I often find myself thinking what next? All we know for certain is that our brand, customers, make up family & followers are our world! this is what keeps kaima cosmetics alive, we always have new ideas for exciting new products and cant wait to see what the future holds for us. We will always try our best for you. Still to this day we are a small team of just three people working behind the scenes, very much a family business, we would love your help to flourish and take us to the next level, we love your feedback and recommendations which we always take seriously. We cannot thank you all enough for believing in us and our vision.

Dreams come true

Best wishes, Gemma & kai